Uniform Dress Code Open Document

Uniform Dress Code short version

KHS believes that a uniform dress code is an important part of a safe, orderly school environment where the focus is on students learning how to become respectful, responsible young citizens.  The policy allows for some student choice, yet establishes parameters for acceptable dress. Students at KHS should be in “uniform” from the time they arrive at school until they leave campus for the day.

The principal will review the uniform dress code annually and publish the requirements in the student handbook each year.  Any student not in dress code will have to get in dress code or parents will be called to bring proper dress attire or will be sent home.


2 - 4 button "Polo" type shirts, long or short sleeve in solid white, black, red or navy blue. Shirttails must be tucked in during the regular day. Belt loops/waist line must be visible when shirts are tucked in. Logos and wording on the outside of shirts are NOT allowed (except for KHS logs).

Khaki, Black or navy Blue  pants/shorts. Shorts,skirts,skorts, jumpers for girls must be knee length. Tight pants are not allowed. Material must be khaki like, no jean material, sweat pant material or "shiny nylon". 

Solid color turtlenecks, sweatshirts or sweaters "NO LOGO"  (same color as dress code) 
HOODIES are NOT permitted. Sweatshirt-like full or half zipper in dress code color are allowed. Jackets are not to be worn in the classroom.

Shoes with laces tied are recommended. They should be comfortable and and non-skid rubber soles. Shoes must be worn at all times, unless teacher allows for a class activity. NO bedroom slippers are allowed.

Headgear,sunglasses, ornamental jewelry, bracelets, electronic buckles... Anything worn by a student that is causing a distraction to the school environment will be addressed by school staff, which could include removal of distracting item. This included but is not limited to skulls, crowns or other distracting items.